Adult Strength and Conditioning

Perfect for all fitness levels, our adult strength and conditioning class attendees work through traditional weight lifting and bodyweight exercises as well as cardio and calisthenics. Activities are tailored to each individual’s ability while remaining in a group setting.

Personal Training and Semi-Private

For a more personal fitness experience, we offer one-on-one training with one of our qualified staff members. Workouts are tailored to meet your individual needs and specific fitness goals. Semi-Private training is also available for clients to work out in groups of four.

Athletic Training

619 Training prides itself on being one of the only sports-performance training facilities in the Middle Georgia area. We coach athletes from the 6th grade through college and have worked with athletes who have gone on to compete at the collegiate and even Olympic levels. Unlike our adult strength and conditioning classes, our athletes class focuses on movements that will help your athlete perfect and maintain their form and sport.

Online Training

619 Training offers online training for clients who are unable to attend our classes in person through the app, TrainHeroic. The app is only $20 a month for access to all of our group or athlete workouts, and is free with an in house membership.